EDAG Engineering GmbH of Germany showcased their new concept for future transportation at the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA. The concept is a modular and configurable transportation system. It draws on the concept of the tractor trailer in the logistics sector, but takes it much further.

The CityBot comprises two parts, the cockpit and the pod. The cockpit is the brain of the vehicle and remains same irrespective of the utility to which the vehicle is put to. It has the sensors, the computer and the propulsion. This cockpit is attached to the pod, which can be configured for various purposes like, carrying people, goods, farm implements, a harvester, you name it. The Frankfurt display car boasts a ‘lounge’ design and is essentially a cinema on wheels.

As per EDAG, a 100 CityBots per 1000 city dwellers can perform what will need 527 cars per 1000 citizens. The CityBot creates no pollution as it is powered by a fuel cell