The world is slowly but steadily developing self driven and autonomous cars. Though personally I am not a fan of such an idea, forget the product, but the engineer in me forces me to appreciate the technological development that goes into these vehicles. Now give a man a toy and he would want to race it. In comes Roborace, a company which aims to build a race series for autonomous cars. Looks like an absolutely ridiculous idea? Well may be and may be not.

While most autonomous vehicle technologies are designing vehicles that can navigate safely on crowded streets and move people and material at medium to slow pace, Roborace is developing autonomous race cars which can navigate through a race circuit at high speeds.

The Robocar made its maiden attempt at a world speed record at Elvington Airfield in United Kingdom. As their was not earlier record for an autonomous car, Guiness set the benchmark as 160 mph (256 km/h). In keeping with all such attempts, the Robocar made two runs in the opposite direction to come up with the speed record. It broke the 160 mph record by a pretty wide margin by averaging 175.49 mph (280.78 km/h).

The Robocar is powered by a set of four motors producing a combine output of 420 BHP. The Robocar has no cockpit and hence cannot be enjoyed by a human. Though such a car may appear to be irrelevant, cannot carry people or stuff or let a guy enjoy high speed driving, it is nice to know that technology exists which will make machines compete against each other in a wheel to wheel race on a circuit.

May the fastest motor and the best sensors win.