Tata Motors has entered into a tie up with what3words, an innovative location technology provider. They are the first company in India to offer this service. This system allows drivers to input a three word address of a place either using voice command or text. Thereafter the system helps the driver navigate to the address with an accuracy of within 3m of the location. This accurate & unique 3 word-addressing system will make the last-mile navigation simple, safe, hassle-free and less time-consuming for the Indian customers.

How does it work? What3words has divided the entire world into squares measuring 3mx3m. Thereafter they have assigned each square a unique identifier made of three random words. With the what3words technology, a driver can enter a 3 word address into the car navigation system manually or via speech recognition. To prevent errors, every 3 word address is unique. Also, similar addresses have been located far apart to avoid confusion. The system has an intelligent Auto Suggest feature which helps drivers spot and correct their mistakes immediately. The system then effortlessly redirects the drivers to the accurate address. The advantage is that this system never needs an update and works offline also.

This system is presently available in 5 Indian languages Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi other than 31 more international languages.

Mr. Mayank Pareek, President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit of Tata Motors said, “Tata Motors is proud to be the first automaker in India to collaborate with what3words. With this collaboration, our customers will now be able to navigate to accurate 3-word addresses represented by what3words; offering a clear solution to a very visible problem related to the non-standard traditional address system. The three-word addressing will not only provide a more seamless navigation experience, but will also increase efficiency with drivers not spending a lot of time locating their destinations and reaching the precise location (within 3m of space) with minimum hassle and effort. Globally, the what3words technology comes as a unique offering only in the premium car models, but customers can expect this groundbreaking technology to feature in our mainstream line-up of products very soon.”

Tata Motor will offer the latest version of the what3words system in their upcoming cars. Customers will be able to download it using either android or iOS devices.