Volkswagen owned British Luxury Marque Bentley has announced that building of third generation Flying Spur has commenced at its Crewe factory in England. The cars would be hand crafted by 200 workmen and artisans over 84 manufacturing stages to deliver the ultimate experience in Grand Touring sedans. The car offers the thrills of a sporty GT car and the luxury of a limousine thanks to high end technology.

The new Flying Spur is, well, new all up. It has an imposing grille with the typical Bentley mesh flanked by huge headlamps. The outer lamps are smaller than the inner, a Bentley trademark. The Flying Spur offers luxury and comfort in bucket loads starting with a full length panoramic glass sunroof and detailed mood lighting. The signature Bentley rotating display  is the central feature of an exquisitely crafted dashboard. The piece de resistance for the rear seats is a state-of-the-art detachable Touch Screen Remote Control that can operate all the major functions. New-design fluted leather seats offer the optimum in comfort and style. Three-dimensional diamond quilted leather doors inserts are a world first even in this rarified strata of luxury cars.

Bentley offers three different high end audio systems to keep the owner company, the top most being the 2,200 W Naim system. The Bentley Flying Spur offers a wide range of Advanced Connectivity features as well as cutting-edge driver assistance systems such as a Night Vision infra-red camera, Traffic Assist and a Head-Up Display. It has an electronic all wheel steering system combined with an active all wheel dynamic ride which is the world’s first 48 V electric anti-roll system. This allows the car to go round the corner without the rolls associated with large luxo-barges. A three chamber pneumatic suspension keeps the occupants completely insulated from poor road condition.

The Flying Spur is powered by a 6.0 litres W12 engine with twin turbos which is mated to an eight speed advanced dual clutch transmission. This engine pushes the Flying Spur to 100 km/h from rest in 3.8 seconds, which is super car territory. If you keep the right foot mashed against the pedal, the speedo needle would soon be nudging at 333 km/h.

Bentley has tested the new Flying Spur over 1,600,000 km in 18 countries at temperatures varying from -34 Deg C to +48 Deg C. The car was tested at altitudes varying from 61 m to 4,300 m above sea level.