Korea Aerospace Industry or KAI believes that all countries cannot afford to buy different utility and combat helicopters. As a result they have modified their utility troop carrying helicopter the Surion and weaponised it. A concept similar to the Indian HAL Rudra which is an armed version of the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH Dhruv). The Surion is built by KAI in collaboration with Airbus.

The new KAI helicopter is called the KUH-E1 and was revealed at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, or ADEX, which is taking place Oct. 15-20 . The KUH-1E is designed specifically for the export markets. Though the company did not reveal the target clients, countries like Malaysia, other countries in South-East Asia and South America are some of the most obvious future clients.

The KUH-1E has wing stubs and weapon mounts to carry and fire weapons like the Hellfire or Spike anti-tank missiles, the Korean developed 2.75″ rockets as well as infrared-homing air to air missiles. It also has a gun pod. As far as avionics is concerned, the attack version is fitted with the Garmin G3000 which is a large touch-screen, glass-integrated avionics system. KAI has revealed that the KUH-1E can also be equipped with TACS II, the newest version of traffic collision avoidance systems. The helicopter’s nose features a three-dimensional weather radar. KAI claims a maximum takeoff weight of 8,709 kilograms.