The MG Hector is sold with an “Internet Inside” badge on the cars. Though to some it may have appeared as a marketing gimmick, the advantage of a connected car is now apparent to several of MG Hector owners. MG was one of the first companies globally which offered a sim equipped car which could communicate with the internet on its own like a smart phone. Well, now the company is offering the first software update to their infotainment system wirelessly over the internet.

Owners of MG Hector Sharp and Smart models will get a notification over their infotainment system to update the software. Once clicked/ touched, the system automatically downloads the update over a 4G connection. The update includes interconnection with Apple CarPlay and other interface updates. Till such connected cars arrived, owners had to take their cars to authorised service stations for updating the software.

Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India said, “As the pioneer of internet cars in India, MG Motor India has been at the forefront of technology leadership in the automotive space. With the first over-the-air update in the Indian automotive industry, we are redefining the in-car experience and will continue to delight customers with more updates in the future.”