Carroll Shelby was one of America’s iconic racers and builder of some very high performance cars like the Cobra. Light, powerful and fun to drive. Vintage Electric is a California based e-bike manufacturer who believes in offering fast and fun to ride e-bike. Vintage collaborated with Carroll Shebly’s grandson to develop the high speed Vintage Electric Shelby. The bike is based on the Vintage Electric Roadster bike.

The Vintage Electric Shelby is available in the N6 metallic blue paint of the Cobra with the car matching black racing stripes on the bike’s top tube. Emblazoned across the top tube is also the Cobra logo of Shelby Cobra cars. Though the bike is not as fast as the cars it is inspired by, thanks to the 3,000 W motor installed in the hub of the rear wheel it is capable of doing 36 mph (58 km/h) in race mode which can be engaged at any time. However, this is speed is not legal for e-bikes in USA and in normal road running the Vintage Electric Shelby would be limited to 20 mph (32 km/h).

Matching the leather interiors of the Shelby Cobra, the Vintage Electric Shelby has custom leather accents on the front fork and handlebar. It also has a custom leather saddle matching the interiors of Shelby’s personal car. The bike has an LED headlamp at the front to provide sufficient illumination at night.

The Vintage Electric Shelby is installed with a 1,123 W-h battery pack along with regenerative braking. This gives the Vintage Electric Shelby a range of 75 miles (120 km) in economy mode and 40 miles (64 km) in power mode. The bike comes with five power modes. The bike frame is made from hydroformed aluminium and stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc brakes. For powering the e-bike, both pedals and throttle has been provided.

The Vintage Electric Shelby competes with the Shelby Cobra in price. The limited edition bike comes at US$ 7,249, which is a premium of US$ 250 over the Vintage Electric Roadster on which it is based. However, the price is nearly 7.5 times the price of an average e-bike which cost around US$ 1,000. But if you have a Shelby Cobra sitting in your garage, then nothing else will do to give it company.