Uttam means best in Hindi. The Indian Railways Integral Coach Factory has built two rakes named as Uttam. These rakes are an improved version of the trains which are already running in Mumbai. The railways has introduced several improvements and safety features in these trains. The first train was run as a ladies special on the Western Railways line of Mumbai suburban rail system.

The Uttam trains are made from stainless steel. They have improved interiors with smooth finished corrugated FRP ceiling and Wooden finished Roof Ventilation Duct Area to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The luggage racks provided in the coaches are modular while there are higher backrest for better comfort in first class. The second class coaches have FRP seats with a wooden finish. Windows have been provided with dual lock stoppers and dual slot handles. Wider and better gran rails have been provided for added comfort of the standing passengers.

On the energy efficiency front, the coaches have been provided with LED lighting and brushless DC fans which are 30% more efficient. Instead of traditional emergency chains for stopping the train, they have been provided with electrically operated passenger alarm system.

Better safety is offered by the provision of Closed Circuit TV cameras in the coaches. There are red emergency alarms and anti-dent partitions to prevent thefts. The coaches have been provided with camouflaged aluminium moulded strips on floor to discourage theft.

These trains have their interiors decorated with posters depicting the history of and contribution by the Western Railways to the transportation of commuters in Mumbai. Posters of prominent women are also displayed in all the coaches.