Embrare, the Brazilian aerospace company revealed its latest transport aircraft called the C390 Millenium at the Dubai Air Show. The aircraft is a multi-mission medium lift aircraft. It is a tactical transport aircraft designed for a low life cycle cost. The C390 Millenium offers increased mobility, rugged design, higher flexibility, state-of-the-art proven technology and easier, more efficient maintenance.

The C390 Millenium is capable of undertaking a variety of missions including aerial refueling, cargo and troop transport, cargo and paratrooper airdrop, search and rescue, aerial firefighting and humanitarian missions. The aircraft comes with a modern cargo handling system which can transport large-sized cargo: pallets, vehicles, helicopters, troops, paratroopers, medevac strecher or a mixed configurations. The Millenium has modern avionics and fly-by-wire controls.

The C390 Millenium is capable of speeds up to 0.8 Mach and capable of flying at altitudes up to 36,000 feet. It is installed with the most modern night vision systems and tactical radar for added capability. It can be quickly reconfigured for various missions describe above in time spans as short as three hours. The aircraft can carry up to 26,000 kg of cargo including both tracked and wheeled vehicles. As a refueller it can refuel both fixed with aircraft and helicopters at altitudes varying from 2000 to 32000 feet.

Embraer is forming a joint venture with Boeing called Boeing Embrarer Defence with Boeing holding 49% and Embraer 51% for marketing the aircraft to various air forces across the world. Embraer has already received orders from the Brazilian as well as the Portugese air forces for these aircraft.