OBB of Austria has ordered 13 sets of seven coach rakes on Siemens for the Nightjet service. Each of these rakes will be fully air conditioned. The trains will offer sumptuous sleeping cars for night journeys. These coaches have been designed based on detailed feedback received from passengers over two years.

OBB NighJet Couchette

The train will offer three classes of service. Each seven coach trainset will comprise two seating coaches, three couchettes, and two sleeping cars. Couchettes are made up of a number of sleeping berths arranged along a gangway. There would be two types of sleeping cars, one with four berth cabins the top end sleeping cabins with two berths. The couchettes are different because they have been provided with facility to isolate the occupants from other for providing privacy. Each couchette has four bunks with a central ladder to reach the upper berths. There is a moving partition between two berths at the same level to allow for communication between the occupants on adjacent berths. Each berth is provided with a reading lamp, coat hook, a folding table and a magazine pouch. Storage for luggage is provided under the lower berths.

OBB NightJet 4 Berth Sleeper

The four berth sleeping compartments have two lower and two upper berths which can be accessed using a removable ladder. Luggage can be stored under the lower berths. These cars are designed for people travelling with kids or as a group.

The top end is the two berth sleeping which has a attached toilet. there is a fixed ladder to access the upper berths and a folding table and day seat provided. All the cabins have been done up in Eco-friendly material. All coaches will also be provided with Wi-Fi.

OBB NightJet 2-Bed Sleeper