Swiss rail maker Stadler will be delivering 10 train sets of its high speed FLIRT train sets to Azerbaijan. The 10 trains comprise three types. Four diesel-electric multiple units (DMU) for inter-regional travel. Three electric multiple units (EMU) for inter-regional travel and three EMU for regional and suburban travel. Aerbaijan is changing over from 3 KV DC to 25 KV AC traction system and needs trains which can operate during the changeover and hence the DMUs.

These trains are designed to operate on the Russian broad gauge of 1,520 mm and are required to have a width of 3.48 m and height of 4.60 m thus providing spacious interiors for the passengers. Each train will comprise 5 cars. The DMUs will be 106.76 m long and seat 271 passengers. The train will be installed with a restaurant car (Bistro). The inter-regional EMU will be 92.96 m long and seat 236 passengers while the regional EMU would also be 92.96 m long but seat 255 passengers and have sufficient space for standing passengers for short journeys.

The contract will cost Euros 115 Million and includes spare parts and depot equipment also. FLIRT stands for Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train. The conventional FLIRTs have been running successfully across the various geographies from Africa to the Arctic Circle since 2004. These trains are made from Aluminium to keep the weight down and improve efficiency and reduce cost of operations for the train operators. Presently FLIRTs are available in train sets varying from two to six coaches. The propulsion could be electric, diesel or bi-modal. These trains sets are designed to be operated on standard as well as broad gauge tracks.