GPS aided geo-augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) has been developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as an alternative navigation system for use in India. Devices using the GAGAN system are being installed on railway locomotives to track their positions in real time. The project is managed by the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) which is the information technology arm of the Indian Railways. The tracking system is called the Real-time Train Information System (RITS).

The system was tried on the Delhi-Guwahati and Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express trains with more than 99.3% accuracy. The system installed in the locomotives will help railways track the locomotives and the trains hauled by them and provide accurate running details of the trains to passengers. The Indian Railways also intends to use the system to secure the unmanned railway crossings with remote sensing facility.

As part if phase 1 of implementation, the Indian Railways has ordered the devices to be installed onboard 2,600 locomotives. Slowly it will be extended to 6,000 more locomotives. The system is expected to help the Indian Railways control the trains more efficiently. The system would provide accurate data and location of the train in the unfortunate case of accidents and aid in quick and more efficient reponse.