India is a huge market for three wheeled vehicles. The central government is also pushing for replacement of petrol powered two wheelers and diesel powered three wheelers with electric powered vehicles. The aim is to reduce pollution as well as to curb the ever increasing fuel bills. The government of India has introduce a subsidy scheme called FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles). Under this scheme, the government offers cash subsidy to buyers of electric two and three wheelers and commercial buses.

Piaggio sells the three wheeled Ape in cargo as well as passenger body shapes in India. The company has been a pioneer in three wheeled commercial transport in the world for more than 70 years now. Taking advantage of the situation in India and the benefits being offered by the government of India, Piaggio has introduce the first all electric Piaggio Ape called the Piaggio Ape E-City..

Incidentally, the price of the Ape E-City is comparable to the gas powered Ape sold in India which would be approximately around INR 1.87 Lakhs (US $ 2,670). This may also be a move to avoid introducing the BS 6 version of diesel engines which would make the vehicles much expensive. The USP of the Ape E-City is the swappable batteries. The discharge batteries of the Ape E-City can be replaced with fully charged ones in specially designated service stations.