Zero local tail pipe emission is becoming increasingly important in European cities with several cities imposing limitations on the entry of IC engine powered vehicles. No wonder, all commercial vehicle manufacturers are now beginning to offer electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Europe. Mercedes being the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world is not expected to be left behind. The company has offered its second electric commercial vehicle after the e-Vito. This is a larger vehicle based on the Sprinter platform and is called, no prizes for guessing, the e-Sprinter.

eSprinter Roadshow, 2019 eSprinter Roadshow, 2019

The e-Sprinter is powered by a 110 PS electric motor which also produces a torque of 295 N-m. The vehicle comes with two battery options giving it ranges varying from 115 to 168 Km. The e-Sprinter comes with a fast charging set up which can be used to charge the vehicle up to 80% of its battery capacity in 30 minutes. Based on the requirement, the driver can set the top speed of the vehicle at 80, 100 or 120 Km/h. They can carry between 891 and 1045 Kgs of load.

The e-Sprinter comes with a steering mounted paddle system which can be used to set the amount of battery regeneration that would be permitted under braking. This has four modes ranging from D- to D to D+ and D++. Similarly there are three modes to set the economy and comfort varying from E+ to E to C. These modes control the comfort level including the level of air conditioning.

Mercedes provides a number of apps which would help the fleet operators to determine the charging cycles and costing as well finding charging stations.