The East Japan Railways operated super luxury Odoriko trains on the Tokyo to Izu Peninsula route. The existing Super View Odoriko trains built in the 1990s are being replace by Kawasaki built Saphir Odoriko Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains. These trains are expected to enter service in mid March 2020. The train sets comprises an 8 coach Aluminium body EMU operating in 1500 V DC. Of the 8 coaches, there are 5 motor coaches and 3 trailer coaches including two driver trailers at each end.

Each motor coach is installed with a 140 KW 3 phase traction motor generating a total of 700 KW of power. The train can reach a top speed of 120 Km/h. The train is an uber luxury offering with accommodation for just 164 passengers. One coach has premium 1X1 seating, while two coaches have compartments for families which can seat just six to eight people. There is one dining car with seating for 16 and the balance four coaches have comfortable 2X1 seating (akin to business class in most similar trains). These coaches have a humongous 1,160 mm seat pitch. All coaches are provided with large panoramic windows for soaking in the beauty of the journey to the Fuji-Hakone National Park.

The trains are the Series E261 EMUs built by Kawasaki Heavy Engineering.