Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Benling manufactures electric scooters in Hyderabad. Till now the company has been selling low speed electric two wheelers. Three models are already on sale – Kriti, Icon and Falcon.

The company is now entering the high speed scooter market with the Aura. The Aura looks pretty similar to the Piaggio Vespa. The scooter is powered by 2500 BLDC electric motor. The electrical energy required to operate the motor is stored in a 72V 40A-h (2.88 KW-h) Li-ion battery. The battery is detachable and needs 4 hours for a full charge. A full charge gives the scooter a maximum range of 120 Km. The scooter, despite claiming high speed capability has a top speed of just 60 Km/h.

On the convenience front, the Benling Aura comes with a remote key less operation, USB port for charging phones, anti-theft alarm and an additional rear-wheel integrated locking system. The company claims that the scooter has a  Breakdown Smart Assistance System (BSAS), which restarts the scooter and continue to run despite any breakdown in the system.

Benling intends to launch the Aura in the first quarter of 2020 at an anticipated price of IN 90,000.00.