The A220 is the first purpose built regional aircraft from Airbus Industries. These aircraft are designed for the 100 to 150 passenger capacity. The Airbus A220 is offered in two models, the A220-100 and the A220-300. Air Canada has become the first airline in the world to take delivery of the A220-300 aircraft for its domestic and USA routes. The aircraft will enter service with the airline in January 2020.

The A220-300 can seat 120 to 150 passengers in a twin class configuration. If airlines want to really squeeze in passengers, the A220-300 can seat a maximum of 160 passengers in its 27.5 m long and 3.3 m wide cabin. The overall length of the A200-300 is 38.7m and its fuselage is 3.5 m wide. It has a wingspan of 35.1 m and overall height is 11.8 m.

Courtesy Airbus Industries

The A220-300 is powered by Pratt and Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines. These engines offer 20% lesser fuel consumption per seat and have half the noise footprint making them much greener and people friendly. These aircraft have a range of 6,204 Km and a maximum take-off weight of 69.9 tonnes.

The A220-300 in service with Air Canada can seat 137 passengers in two classes, 12 in business class and 125 in economy.

Courtesy Airbus Industries

“This is a highly anticipated moment for Air Canada as we welcome this game-changing aircraft into our fleet, the next step in our fleet modernization. It will not only allow us to transport our customers in comfort, but also further our environmental commitment with its improved efficiency. The A220 will enable Air Canada to strengthen our position on transborder and transcontinental markets and will be key to our continued growth. Our customers will benefit from the A220’s innovative design features, including  a choice of two spacious and comfortable cabins, larger overhead bins, bigger windows and a quieter experience in flight,” said Michael Rousseau, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Air Canada.