China Gets Epitome of Luxury from Bentley

Mulliner is the in-house bespoking division of Bentley. This division creates some of the most exquisite one off cars. Mulliner had prepared 15 bespoke extended wheel base Bentley Mulsanne cars which will be offered only in China. The cars have hand built bodies and interiors. The bodies have been hand-painted and offered in two shades, Onyx and a Deep Black finish with accents of red representing the black cherries. All the power creases in the body are accentuated by hand painted fine gold lines.

Celebrating their country of origin, the London skyline has been embroidered in the seats and is complemented by similar image in wood veneer in the dash board. The wealthy owners of these cars can order the interiors in one of the three options, Newmarket Tan with Burnt Oak, Fireglow with Imperial Blue, or Shortbread with Redwood – each combination defining the exclusivity of the fifteen restricted Mulsannes being produced. The interior trim and seats have the double diamond quilt pattern that has become a signature for Mulliner limited editions.

The cars run on 21” ‘Radiance’ 14-spoke wheels in a polished finish. The the Mulliner ‘Serenity’ grille is offered as a striking alternative to the straight vane grille.

These cars will be powered by the iconic 6 ¾ litre engine which is celebrating its 60th year in production. Click on the above link to know more about the engine.

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