Volvo has been developing and testing electric trucks in Sweden. The two models that have been extensively tested with positive feedback are the FL Electric trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) capacity of 16 tons and the FE Electric trucks with a GVW capacity of 27 tons. These trucks have been especially designed with urban applications like refuse collection, delivery, distribution etc.

Volvo believes that with low noise and zero emission, the FE and FL trucks can be used in urban areas in early morning and late evening/ night for collection of refuse and delivery. This is not possible presently due to the noise restrictions at these times. If trucks are used in the above manner, they will also help reduce the congestion in day time which is being caused mainly due to emission and noise limitations.

Volvo intends to start serial production of the FE and FL electric trucks in Mar 2020 and commence delivery in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. They also intend to start delivery to the USA in end 2020.

India, is presently not on the radar for Volvo for introducing these trucks thanks to the cost sensitiveness of the market and the lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.