Van Hool of Belgium has supplied the buses for the BRT system in Pau, France. These are articulated buses with a capacity to carry 145 passengers. The buses run on segregated portions of the street along a 6 km long Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The system has 14 stops and take 17 minutes to complete one trip.

These buses are 18 m long, and are equipped with wi-fi, ticket vending machine and cctv cameras. They are powered by hydrogen fuel cells which were provided by Ballard Power Systems of Canada. The buses have a battery based backup systems also.

Power for the buses comes from a 100 KW, FCveloCity-HD fuel cell. The cell allows the buses to operate for 300 km, that is 50 trips of the Pau BRTS before they need refueling. The refueling process takes approximately 10 minutes.