The North-East Corridor connecting Washington DC to New York and Boston is 735 km long and one of the most profitable for Amtrak of USA as far as passenger service is concerned. The corridor is presently serviced by the Acela trains. In 2016, it was decided to replace the Acelas with a faster and more comfortable train. Enter the Avelia Liberty built by Alstom. These trains have a top speed of 300 km/h, have 25% more seats and consume 40% less power. They comprise of two short wheel base power cars and nine articulated trailer cars. Due to the North East Corridor track condition as of now, the Avelias would be limited to 255 km/h speed during the commercial runs.

28 train sets are on order and the first one has been deployed for nine months of dynamic testing at the Transportation Technology Center near Pueblo, Colorado. Once the testing is completed, it will return back for outfitting the interiors which would boast among other things, wi-fi, power sockets and individual reading lights. They are expected to enter service by 2021.