Alstom is known for electric propulsion and railways. However, if the electrification of road transportation, Alstom has joined the EV bus bandwagon with the Aptis. These buses draw energy from roof mounted batteries which give them a range of 200 Km and can be charged overnight. The range allows these buses to operate for 6 hours between charges. In addition, they can be charged at the turnaround point using a pantograph or a ground based charging system.

The Aptis are low floor buses and use the experience of Alstom with trams to provide ease of access to people with special needs or with kids and strollers. The bus can accommodate 100 passengers while providing easy access through three sets of wide opening doors for quick ingress and egress. Unlike other buses, the Aptis has doors on both sides. It has 25% larger windows offering a more airy and bright interior. These buses can reach a top speed of 70 Km/h.

The first Aptis bus in Spain is being deployed in the town of Aranjuez, an Unesco World Heritage Site around the city of Madrid. This bus is expected to protect the heritage monuments by providing an emission free tour through the city.

“This is the first commercial success of Aptis in Spain, which we hope to be followed by others throughout this year. During the tests carried out in different Spanish cities, our innovative electric bus has generated great expectation both among operators and among users. This contract constitutes a major new step for Alstom, which aims to be the most innovative world actor for sustainable, smart mobility”, highlighted Antonio Moreno, Alstom in Spain Managing Director.