Car2X is a technology developed by Volkswagen for advanced driver safety. The system takes the connected car technology a step further. The most important thing is that this system, which has a range of 800 m does not use the mobile telephone network and thus is available in areas of poor mobile connectivity also.

The Car2X system uses a Wi-Fi p technology for connecting to other vehicles in the rage using the same system. It uses the swarm technique and allows all cars with the system to communicate with each other and exchange information, mainly about safety. Thus forewarning the driver about an impending danger 10 to 11 seconds in advance. This system can also be made to communicate with traffic signals and thus help in streamlining traffic as well as saving fuel and in turn the environment. During testing, the German automotive association ADAC tested Volkswagen’s Car2X technology, by sending the car into eight typical hazardous situations in which a driver, without being warned, would not have been able to react at all, or would only have reacted much later. In all eight situations, the vehicle warned the driver reliably and in time, often even 10 or 11 seconds before the impending accident

VW Car2X Technology, Video Courtesy VW

Volkswagen has introduced this revolutionary technology not in a high end car but in its most popular model in Europe, the Golf. This was appreciated by NCAP as it makes the safety feature available to the general public. Volkswagen intends to offer this technology in all its cars as a standard safety feature akin to the seat belt, ABS and ESP. Though the system presently gets activated at speeds above 80 km/h, however, Volkswagen is working at making it effective at city driving speeds also.