The name “Harley Davidson” conjures up images of well built men in leathers, bandanas on the head, dark sunglasses and a rumble which represents the angry earth. Heavy low bikes, a relaxed riding posture, feet pushed in front, ridden on straight roads for long distances. The idea is not to reach the destination in a hurry but to savour every moment of the journey, immerse in the staccato thump of the V-twin motor and generally take life easily.

Image Courtesy Harley Davidson

Well, Harley Davidson has decided to give one more option to the cruiser lovers in the form of the Low Rider S. This single seat bike exhorts you to go enjoy the nature and have fun. The bike is being offered in a completely blacked out version with no chrome. Even the engines have been blacked out. It offers a comfortable seating with moto-style bars with 4-inch risers, and mini speed screen let everyone know that this machine wasn’t built for those who want to take the conventional route.

The Low Rider S is a big bike which is 2,355 mm long, has a comfortable seat height of 690 mm and weighs in at 295 Kg dry. Its powered by the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine which displaces SUV capacity 1,868 cc and produces 93 PS of power at 5,020 rpm. 155 N-m of torque is transmitted to the rear wheel through a 6 speed Cruise Drive® gearbox. The company does not release performance figures.