Stadler of Switzerland has been awarded to supply 60 more Tango trams for the Kraków Lajkonik II line. This is a follow on order. With this order, the total number of Tango trams being supplied by Stadler to Polan increases to 110. All the trams would be supplied by mid 2023. The order is worth CHF 120 Million.

Two of the trams to be supplied would be modified to operate without an external power source. While the rest of the trams would be ready for retro fitment of such a system. Stadler has several offerings in the tram category that include the Tango, TramLink, Variobahn, Metelitsa and CityLink.

Image Courtesy Stadler

The Tango is a family of 3 to 6 car trams with double floor layers. The trains being supplied to Poland are the 3 car variety. Each tram has four bogies supporting the three cars. The cars have large windows to allow for natural lighting and have 1,400 mm wide doors for ease of access. They have ample space for stowage of wheelchairs and bicycles.

Each tram can carry 238 passengers, with 75 seated and 163 standing. As a novel feature, the tram offers back support for standing passengers also. Each Tango being supplied for the Kraków Lajkonik II line will be air conditioned. They have been provided with ticket vending machines and onboard passenger information system. There are USB charging points provided for charging smartphones carried by passengers. Passenger safety will be ensured by an onboard monitoring system. The tram driver is also assisted with a passenger counting system. The Stadler Tango’s driver has been provided with an ergonomic cabin and a comfortable arm chair for ease of operation.

The Stadler Trango trams have been also provided with braking energy recuperation system to charge the onboard batteries. The tram has been designed in a manner to minimise injury to passengers in case of a collision. The body structure also meets the crash worthiness requirements as per EN 15227 standards. In 2006, a Tango operated by BOGESTRA won the iF Design Award.