When each car costs more than Euros 5 Million they are unique. But to make them even more unique so that no two cars are similar, companies offer customisation. It’s big business in the rarified world of hyper cars.

Image Courtesy Bugatti

Bugatti, the most hyper of the hyper cars is offering only 40 Divos for sale. So that is rare enough. However, to cater to the need for uniqueness of their customers who own everything anyway, Bugatti deploys a full team of sales persons, engineers and designers. This team helps the customers, well customise their cars. The team allows the customers to dream as sky is the limit for Bugatti. However, technical inputs are provided to ensure that the driving characteristics and safety of the cars are not compromised during the customisation process. Only the Bugatti logo is off the bounds.

Customers may choose any shade of colour, any texture of leather or any colour of leather they want installed. They may choose any combination of colours and leathers. They may have their custom family crests or logos embossed or have the names of their partners embroidered in the car. They can have their children’s footprints embossed in the rear panel. There is nothing stopping them.

Image Courtesy Bugatti

There have been occassions when Bugatti has spent up to five years and meetings across the globe customising just one car. They have spent up to four months developing a new colour or nine months for a new leather. There have been instances where up to an year has been spent just designing and installing the interior carbon fiber.

Image Courtesy Bugatti

As a large number of Bugatti customers are repeat customers, Bugatti maintains a database of the like and dislikes of their customers, and this helps them offer even better customisation suggestions during the buying process. Each customer is assigned a sales person, an engineer and a designer who assist in the customisation process at the factory. The average time for completion of selection is around five hours which includes a tour of the factory and visit to the headquarters at Molsheim.

Every two weeks, Bugatti sends pictures of the work in progress to each customer.