Polestar is a company which makes performance luxury electric cars. CAKE on the other hand manufactures bicycles and e-cycles. What do these two have in common to build a partnership? Well, if you look from a slightly different perspective, they have a lot in common. Keeping this in mind, two companies have developed a branding partnership and they have been showcasing their vehicles together.

Image Courtesy Polestar

So, what are the similarities. Well, to start with, both the vehicles have electric propulsion. They use a battery pack and electric motor to transport their passengers. Both the companies are Swedish and hence follow a Scandinavian approach to design. Both share their vision on marketing brand and retail. And last but not the least, both use shock absorbers from Ohlins.

CAKE and Polestar share a common vision of performance and sustainable transport and have been collaborating with each other at various events. CAKE has provided its e-cycles on several Polestar events on a complimentary basis. CAKE will collaborate with Polestar Spaces for events and customer interactions, affording both brands the chance to reach new audiences which recognise and appreciate their shared beliefs.