Daimler Truck had entered into a non-binding MoU with Volvo Trucks for commercialisation of Fuel Cell Powered heavy duty commercial vehicles. You can read more about the JV here.

As part of the process, Daimler Trucks has established the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG. This company will have all the assets from Daimler Truck which are involved in the development of Fuel Cell technology. Daimler has a long experience in development of fuel cells and has been collaborating with other companies including Rolls Royce for the development of fuel cells.

Incidentally, Rolls Royce, who manufactures and supplier MTU power generators for data centres is keen on developing static fuel cell power generators under the MTU brand in collaboration with Daimler Trucks.

Later, Volvo Trucks will be taking a 50% stake in the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG. Daimler Truck and Volvo are convinced that the future need of heavy duty long distance commercial vehicles can be met through fuel cell technology.

Image courtesy Daimler Truck

Fuel cells use hydrogen gas stored in cylinders and oxygen from the atmosphere to undergo a reverse hydrolysis process which generated electricity and water. There are no other emissions. The electricity thus produced can be used to power electric motors to operate vehicles or can be used to charge batteries which then power the electric motors. Various combinations of power systems are under development.

Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG has appointed Dr. Andreas Gorbach (45) and Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck (60) as the Managing Directors for the company. Both have extensive experience in development of fuel cells as well as alternate propulsion systems.

Both Daimler Truck and Volvo expect to commence commercial production of heavy duty commercial vehicles using fuel cell power plants by the second half of the decade.