Unimog is an off-road commercial vehicle manufactured by Daimler AG and sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand. It was introduced in 1948 and has been in continuous production since then. It was introduced as a Mercedes-Benz in 1951. The truck has been the vehicle of choice for expeditions and globe-trotters traversing the Earth. It has been awarded the Off-roader of the year award a record 16th time for 2020.

Image Courtesy Daimler Trucks

The Unimogs are available in short and long wheel base options to be used as implement carriers or load carriers. Due to their off-road capabilities, Unimogs can be found in jungles, mountains and deserts as military vehicles, fire fighters, expedition campers, and even in competitions like truck trials and Dakar Rally raids.

The short wheel base U4023 is powered by the Mercedes OM 934 LA engine which is a 5,132 cc inline 4 cylinder direct injection diesel engine. This Euro VI engine produces 231 PS of power and 900 N-m of torque at 1,400 rpm. This engine provides the Unimog a top speed of 89 Km/h on road. The suspension comprises torque tube guided portal axles with coil springs. The transmission is engageable four wheel drive. Stopping power is provided by pneumatic disc brakes across all wheels.

Image Courtesy Daimler Trucks

The tall trucks have got a body space which is of 4,100 mm long, 2,280 mm wide and 1,400 mm tall. The torsionally flexible chassis with 3-point cab mounting, engine and transmission as well as the axle suspension with thrust tube technology, wishbones and coil springs allow axle articulation of up to 30 degrees. They have and approach and departure angle of 41 and 39 degrees respectively. These trucks can ford through 800 mm or 1,200 mm of water depending on the specifications opted for.