Stadler introduced the Euro 6000 series of locomotives and has sold more than 79 of these. These locomotives are available in various options like diesel, diesel-electric etc. Stadler has now introduced the six axle multi-system electric locomotive which can operate with both AC and DC supplies of various types.

Image Courtesy Stadler

Captrain Espana is the launch customer for this locomotive and has placed a confirmed order for 11 and a total order for 21 locomotives. These locomotives would be supplied in two gauges, 1,435 mm for use on the international route between Spain, France and Luxembourg; and 1,668 mm gauge for use in Spain. The 1,435 mm gauge locomotives would mainly be used to haul heavy duty freight trains. The 1,668 mm gauge locomotives would be employed for pulling freight as well as high speed passenger trains.

These locomotives are rated for 6.2 MW when operating on the 25 KV AC or 3 KV DC systems and 4.1 MW when operating on the 1.5 KV DC system. Each locomotive can haul a freight train of 1,800 tons GVW. These locomotives would be delivered to Alpha Trains who would further lease the locomotives to Captrain Espana.