Indian truck manufacturer Tata Motors has introduced a new AIS 140 compliant system named Fleet Edge for real time fleet management. Tata Motors has been a leader in commercial vehicles telematics since 2012. More than 200,000 commercial vehicles have been sold by Tata Motors with these telematic systems.

The Fleet Edge system processes huge amount of data generated by the Telematic Control Unit (TCU) installed in the vehicles. This data is then used to provide the fleet operator with an array of useful information like, track and trace, vehicle health, driving behaviour, real-time fuel efficiency and fuel loss alert. This systems also allows customers to track the due date of important vehicle documents.

Image Courtesy Tata Motors

These insights are made available to customers through a user-friendly interface on Tata Motors Fleet Edge portal. It is expected that this data will help customers manage their fleet even more efficiently. Fleet Edge is also accessible on smartphones via an app, on real time basis.

The Fleet Edge solution is relevant and beneficial across fleet size. It is available with the entire Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle BSVI range of Tata Motors trucks and buses. It is also available across a select range of Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicles and Small Commercial Vehicles models.

The system is provided with the BSVI range of Tata Motors connected trucks as an inbuilt embedded SIM. The TCU used has built in safety and security functions which include emergency buttons and vehicle location tracking and communication to Government-authorised backend servers.