Polish bus company Solaris continues to be the supplier of choice for municipalities across Europe for electric buses. The company has supplied around 500 buses to various cities across 18 countries. It has another 500 buses under production. Recently the company has received another order for six low floor 12 m long Urbino 12 buses from MZK Malbork.

Image Courtesy Solaris

A unique feature of the Urbino buses is the roof mounted pantograph base charging system. This system can be either installed on the bus roof where it connects to overhead electric cables for charging. Alternately, in the inverted pantograph system, the pantograph is installed at the charging station and is lowered onto the bus roof. The buses being supplied to Malbork shall be using this system.

The Urbino 12 are 12 m long low floor city buses which can seat 26 passengers. They have 10 seats in the low floor region which can be accessed by passengers with restricted mobility. The bus has separate bays for passengers in wheel chairs or those with a pram. All buses are air conditioned and have cctv camera and passenger information system installed.

The Urbino 12 buses come with a 240 KW-h battery pack. Also, the propulsion is provided by two 125 KW electric motors installed in the rear axle.