Vehicles of the S400 Triumf System

"S400 Triumf" is a Russian Air Defence System. This system is a successor of the S300 system and was  inducted into the Russian Armed Forces in 2007. S400 is an integrated system with a multi-function radar,  autonomous detection and targeting system, anti-aircraft missile system, launchers and command and control system. It is capable of engaging … Continue reading Vehicles of the S400 Triumf System


Lifeline of Siachen – Cheetah

Siachen glacier is the second longest glacier in the world excluding the polar regions. This area is so desolate that several times it is called the "third pole".  Average snowfall in the winters is more than 1,000 cm (35 ft) and the temperatures dip routinely to -50 deg C (-58 Deg F). It is the … Continue reading Lifeline of Siachen – Cheetah

Workhorses and Angels – Mi 17V-5

India is a huge country. It is rightly called a sub-continent. The geography and topography across the country varies from a desert in the west, to some of the world's highest snow-capped mountains in the north and north-east. Vast riverine plains in the central and eastern parts and a 1.9 million sq-km plateau in the … Continue reading Workhorses and Angels – Mi 17V-5