Hyundai is a company which is heavily invested into the fuel cell technology. They already have a fuel cell powered commercial vehicle range called the Nexo. The company has made good progress in the field of battery EVs also and has a commercially sold SUV called the Kona Electric which has a very usable range in excess of 400 km.

On the other hand, Cummins is a global name in diesel engines. But the company has been dabbling with electric propulsion and had in fact developed an electric semi-truck before Tesla. Cummins is a leader in power generation systems.

Hyundai and Cummins have decided to come together to synergise their expertise in fuel cell and electric propulsion to develop next generation propulsion systems combining fuel cell and electric battery and control systems which would offer ranges much more than ranges offered by diesel trucks. They also intend to develop the technology and deploy it for power generation to replace the diesel generators.

Presently the two companies are looking at tapping the US market with their new products. This partnership provides a springboard for Hyundai Motor Company to increase its presence in the North American commercial vehicle market, and Cummins to enhance its electrified power product portfolio by adding Hyundai’s advanced fuel cell technologies.