Tata Motors has announced that they would be launching the EV version of their popular compact SUV, Nexon by fourth quarter of this financial year. The car will be powered by the newly revealed Ziptron technology. It is expected to have a range of around 300 km between charges. It will be powered by an efficient high voltage system. Tata Motors will offer an 8 years warranty on the electric motor and battery of the Nexon. It will have fast charging capability and will adhere to the dust and waterproof IP67 standards. The Tata Nexon EV is expected to cost between INR 15 and 17 Lakhs (US$ 20,800 to US$ 23,600).

Shailesh Chandra, President – Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy, Tata Motors said, “We are proud to announce that Nexon EV will be available for personal buyers in India from Q4 (Jan-Mar) FY19-20. Powered by the cutting-edge Ziptron technology, Nexon EV promises to address the barriers that exist in the EV market today and will deliver a thrilling on-road performance, ensuring zero emission.”