Forbes has reported that Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has placed an order to purchase the first hydrogen powered super yacht. The yacht in question is the 376 feet Aqua. I had written about this concept a few weeks back. You can access the details of the yacht by clicking here.

The Aqua has been designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design and Lateral Naval Architects. It is expected that the yacht would cost approximately US$ 600 million. It is powered by liquid hydrogen stored in super cooled form and used in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell to generate electricity while producing only water as a by product. The electricity produced by the fuel cell shall power all the main and auxiliary units as well as the main propulsion system of the yacht.

The two hydrogen tanks have been provided the place of pride in the yacht and sit at the base of the central spiral staircase. They are not hidden away from the sights of the passengers but displayed prominently behind strengthened glass structure. The yacht is luxurious at the least and offers accommodation over five decks. Of these, one deck is reserved for the owner providing expansive comfortable accommodation and the best sights from the yacht.

It has serious range of around 3,750 nautical miles.