Stadler has developed a new Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) for the non-electrified routes of the Netherlands. The DMUs are named Wink and are based on the Flirt family of trains. WINK is the German acronym for convertible, innovative short train for local transport. It is a low-floor single-level regional train. The train comprises two coaches with a central power unit which is a diesel-electric power unit. The Deutz diesel engine runs on hydrogenated vegetable oil. The engine has an output of 748 KW while the electric output inclusive of battery is 1000 KV. It also has two 90 KWH battery pack for regenerative charging. However, the design is adaptable and the central power unit can be replaced with a battery powered unit or even a fuel cell.

The train is a standard gauge (1435 mm) with a Bo’ 2’2’Bo’ arrangement of the axles. It also has a catenary 1.5 KV DC arrangement also. This is done because the specific line for which these trains have been procured are going to be electrified by 2025. The train is 55.5 m long, 2.82 m wide and 4.12 m tall. It has three doors on either side, two quiet zones behind the driver cabs, toilets and space for bicycles, push chairs and wheel chairs. The train can seat 151 passengers in 135 fixed and 16 folding seats. It has been provided with large windows to allow a clear view of the outside. Passengers will also have access to wi-fi and power charging points. It has a top speed of 140 Km/h.

The Wink is planned to be deployed on regional routes in Netherlands.