Austin A50 Cambridge_cIn my last post we had seen that Captain Haddock had an involuntary ride on an angry cow on the streets of Delhi. The scene, before the Captain Haddock was dumped in the Cadillac Type 75, shows the Captain holding on to the neck of the running cow and  number of cars swerving to save themselves. The blue car depicted in this scene is an Austin Cambridge A50.

Austin A50 Cambridge_1The A50 was manufactured between 1954 and 1971 at Cowley, England. Later versions of this car were also manufactured in Australia as a pickup called the Coupe Utility and in Japan by Nissan as a 5-door Estate. This car had a monocoque construction. It was a great leap forward for Austin which had been manufacturing traditional cars with separate body and chassis till then. It had integrated wings and a full width radiator grille. The A50 was a pretty successful car with 114,867 cars being sold between 1954 and 1957. This car was offered in a number of body styles like:-

  • 4-door saloon.
  • 4-door estate.
  • 2-door van.
  • 2-door pickup.

Austin A50 Cambridge_4These cars had a live rear axle supported by leaf springs while the front had independent suspension with wishbones and coil springs. They were provided with heater, leather seats, carpets, arm rests on doors and a passenger side sun visor. These cars had more chrome as compared to the A40s whose body was shared by the A50. These cars were powered by a 1,489 cc (90.9 Cu-inch) inline four cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. This engine breathed through two valves per cylinder, operated by push rods. It was capable of producing 50 BHP at 4,100 rpm and 100 N-m (74 ft-lb) of torque at 2,100 rpm. The power and torque was transferred to the rear wheels through a four speed gear box which was provided with a Borg-Warner overdrive on three of the four gears. It was also offered as a semi-automatic, called the “Manumatic”. This gearbox permitted clutch less gear shifts. However, it was not very popular with the buying public.

Austin A50 Cambridge_2The 1.5 litre engine in the A50 could push the 4,121 mm (162.25″) long, 1,562 mm (61.5″) wide and 1,562 mm (61.5″) tall car weighing 1,045 kg (2,304 lb) to a top speed of 113 km/h (70 mph). This car could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 25.9 seconds while a 0 to 60 mph came up in a slow 23.6 seconds. In case you felt like drag racing, the Austin A50 would cover the quarter mile strip in 22.5 seconds attaining a speed of 94 km/h (58 mph) when the anchors were dropped. Stopping power was provided by 9″ Girling drum brakes in all four wheels.

Austin A50 Cambridge_3