Opel Ascona A

After her stay at Marlinspike Hall, Bianca Castafiore proceeded on her South American Tour. She was to perform in Tapiocapolis, the capital of San Theodores when news arrived of her arrest in a terrorist conspiracy. The dictator of San Theodores, General Tapioca had accused her of hatching a plot against his government at a Western… Read More Opel Ascona A

Peugeot 404

After Bianca Castafiore came to stay at Marlinspike Hall, there are a number of rumours of love blooming between the celebrity singer and Captain Haddock. In fact to the Captain’s consternation and thanks to our hearing challenged Professor Calculus’ interview to some reporters, “The Paris Flash” magazine came up with a cover story about the… Read More Peugeot 404

Citroen Ami 6

We had been discussing a number of British cars in an Indian background. Tintin and Captain Haddock were on a rescue mission to save Tintin’s close friendChang in “Tintin in Tibet”. After the exhausting climb in the Himalayas the Captain was relaxing at Marlinspike hall. Here he met with an accident, thanks to a broken… Read More Citroen Ami 6