Trains of Tintin – Barclay 0-4-0 WT

Herge wrote his first book,  "Tintin in the Land of Soviets" in 1930 and the last book "Tintin and the Picaros" in 1976. In this period, the modes of transportation underwent a revolution. While the main means of long distance travel in the 1930s were the railways on land and ships at sea, by the … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – Barclay 0-4-0 WT


Trains of Tintin – Prussian P8

Tintin!, my favourite character ever. I have to return to him because Herge not only drew real cars in his books but real everything transport. So after finishing my series on "Cars of Tintin" I decided to do some find out about other vehicles in Tintin. What next topic to choose than my second love … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – Prussian P8

My Collection – Ford Crestline Sunliner 1953

I now move on to my next car in the series of my personal collection of scale models. The car I am describing today was part of the campaign started by Ford to beat Chevrolet in the 1950s. The marketing campaign was called the "Ford Blitz". But the result was something else. Instead of making … Continue reading My Collection – Ford Crestline Sunliner 1953

My Collection – Mercedes Benz TLF 15

Let me start with wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous 2018. Keep driving and enjoying the sites. Today I am discussing about my third Fire Engine. This is a 1950 Mercedes Benz TLF 15. This was a water tender built on a Mercedes Benz L 3500 chassis. This chassis was also manufactured … Continue reading My Collection – Mercedes Benz TLF 15

My Collection – Dennis Light Four, 1938

With my last post, I had started with the stories of Fire Engines in my collection. Thanks to the baggage weight limitation I had restricted myself to buying only three of these models. The first one was the Stutz Model C from 1924. Moving on to the next decade, my second fire engine is the … Continue reading My Collection – Dennis Light Four, 1938

My Collection – Stutz Model C

Being a kid who grew up in 1970s India has some long lasting repercussions. The lack, or rather absence of good toys and toy shops meant that I still get excited like a four year old when I enter a toy shop now. A visit to the Hamley's in one of the malls that now … Continue reading My Collection – Stutz Model C

My Collection – Porsche 356B 1961

My last few posts may have demonstrated my inclination towards Mercedes Benz, but I am basically in love with cars, and automotive technology. One of the best examples of automotive technology is another German manufacturer, Porsche. In fact I am in love with the 911 since 1976, when I was four and I saw a … Continue reading My Collection – Porsche 356B 1961